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Early Years
Ludi Gessner, family friend and Jasper Rose (self-portrait); London, 1936-7
Mr. Usborne, barber and Jasper Rose (self-portrait); Cambridge, 1953-6
Hermia Kaplan, wife of Bert Kaplan; Rice University, Houston and UCSC, 1964
Santa Cruz
Alan Chadwick, strange, weird horticulturalist, painter, violinist, tennis champion; UCSC, 1967
This online exhibition was assembled by Robert Lange with help and assistance from Cheryl Doering, former Cowell College Provost Faye Crosby, Cowell College Provost Alan Christy, Cowell College Academic Program Coordinator Alice Folkins, Eric Thiermann, Kathleen Rose, Blithe Brandon, UCSC students Kevin Tie, Emily Aranda, Ian Johnson, plus Sentinel Printers and the Gary D. Licker Memorial Fund, and of course, Jasper and Jean Rose.