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Cowell College Panorama Photo


This site is dedicated to Jasper Rose, Cowell College, and UC Santa Cruz


Jasper has opened the eyes of his students to what the potential can be for a meaningful, stimulating and thought-provoking life. He has always encouraged the love of learning, and the exploring of creativity in an environment of friendliness, flair, good taste, wit, humor, kindness and generosity.


Jasper Rose Sepia Photos



The motto of Cowell College:  The pursuit of truth in the company of friends.


Cowell College Landmarks


Top photo: On the left is the Cowell Dining Hall with its distinctive glass cupola. On the right is the Page Smith Library. In the distant background is Monterey Bay.  Panoramic photo by Jack Daley.


Middle photos: Jasper Rose in 1986.


Bottom photos: On the left is the Cowell College sign, in the middle is the Cowell "V" sculpture by Thomas Weaver who graduated in 1971, and on the right is the Cowell Fountain which was sculpted by Nancy Genn in 1966. The fountain was dedicated to Edna L. Scott, a fourth-grade teacher at Mission Hill Middle School. Scott was a descendant of the founding family of Scotts Valley.  Photos by Jack Daley.



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 Peter Kenez, History Professor, Stevenson College, UCSC


Peter Kenez

Portrait from Memory

Watercolor (1967)

by Jasper Rose



        Peter Kenez

        Professor Emeritus of History

        Stevenson College, UCSC


Peter has published a very engrossing memoir of growing up in Hungary in the 1930s to 1950s:

Varieties of Fear: Growing up Jewish Under Nazism and Communism


He joined the UCSC faculty in 1966.








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