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From the main biography page of this site:

While walking across Rice University in academic robes, Jasper encountered Rice University President Kenneth Pitzer, who asked him what the festive occasion was.


Jasper replied: "Oh, I'm pretending that this is a university!"


(Jasper's remark has been woven into the history of Rice University.)









From the main biography page of this site:

Jasper Rose: Rice University, Houston, Texas


Jasper: "Through a friend [at Cambridge] came and offer from a Houston University [in the United States]. They [Rice University] offered what seemed like an astronomical figure, three times what I was getting from Cambridge. We went off knowing nothing about Houston or America, with a two-year-old child and one six months old." Jasper taught at Rice University as a "Visiting Associate Professor in Fine Arts." Just prior to leaving for Rice, Jasper went on a visit to Italy to study first hand important objects in the history of art in Florence. It was only his second visit to Italy.


(John O'Neil, Professor Emeritus of Art and Art History at Rice University said:"Jasper Rose, a visitor from England [held] a one-year appointment at Rice [teaching art history courses]. Jasper had also taught a painting course at Rice, and at the end of the 1964 academic year, staged the first-ever art students' exhibition. Jasper departed in 1965 to accept an appointment to the instructional staff of the University of California at Santa Cruz, but not before he had surprised the Rice campus by wearing academic regalia to his classes. Once striding across the quadrangle in his vivid and flowing robes, he encountered the then president, Kenneth Pitzer, who asked him what the festive occasion was. Jasper replied, 'Oh, I'm pretending that this is a university!'")


Bert Kaplan at Rice University


Bert Kaplan chaired the Psychology Department at Rice University, and had made a firm commitment to join the new faculty of Cowell College at the University of California Santa Cruz, which would be opening in 1965. Bert and his wife Hermia had become very good friends with Jasper and Jean.  Bert persuaded and convinced Jasper to join him as a faculty member at Cowell College at UC Santa Cruz.



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