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From the main biography page of this site: 

"Benedictus benedicat" at the Cowell Dining Hall


With Jasper as Provost, at the evening meal served at the Cowell Dining Hall, students would wait for Jasper to say this grace: "Benedictus benedicat." The Latin translates to "May the Blessed One give a blessing," and was a blessing that was used at Queens' College Cambridge. Jasper created a rule that there would be no bare feed in the Cowell Dining Hall, and set the dinner hour back to make college life "more civilized." He made a point of eating lunch in the Cowell Dinning Hall with students. The meals were catered by Saga Food Service. The mottos that students applied included, "every meal a Saga of untold heroism," and "every meal a Saga of human suffering." Regarding his watercolor painting called Jim and Hans, Saga Food Service, (2 student employees working as servers in the Cowell Dining Hall) Jasper said, "There are my dear friends Jim and Hans. …Getting grub together, at Santa Cruz. [Then, he said looking closely at the painting] …You can see how well they served their food [chuckling]..."



Above Left:  Jim and Hans serving food at the Cowell Dining Hall.  Above Right:  Paul Magid and Howard Patterson were the two original members of the Flying Karamazov Brothers troupe formed in 1973.  Additional brothers joined a short time later.  They are depicted breathing fire in Jasper's painting.  The web site of the Flying Karamazovs can be found at  https://www.fkb.com/




Above Left: Cowell student Debbie Mellinkoff with her father Abe Mellinkoff at UCSC Commencement circa 1975.  Abe worked for the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper for his entire life (except for serving in the U.S. military during the Second World War).  He was the city editor of the Chronicle for 26 years, and was still writing a weekly column for the Chronicle at the time of his death.  Historian Kevin Starr described Abe as "A Stanford graduate who dressed like an English squire and wore a monocle."  Above Right:  Cowell student Barbara Hanson.




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